Thursday, March 8, 2012

Upcoming Events!

I am so excited about all of the things I am now hosting! Along with simply selling Avon, I am hosting giveaways and auctions. I also started up a blog about living with allergies! Allergies Everyday 

Last week I had an auction on my facebook page. It was my first so I had to figure out what exactly people were wanting and I had to work out any kinks. I have also hosted a few giveaways on my facebook page and even this blog!

This week I am hosting a Spring/Easter giveaway with two prizes up for grabs. Spring/Easter Giveaway! This will close on Saturday night.

Next week is going to be exciting! I have just ordered more product to be featured in a new auction! I have gotten an idea and a good bit of suggestions on what to put in the next auction. So, watch the page and this blog for details to come! I'm thinking the auctions will last 48 hours so that everyone has the option to bid. I will be sure that it ends in the evening so that people get a fair chance to win the bidding.

I am also teamed up with a bunch of other bloggers to put on a giveaway! This one may not appeal to all of you if you don't want to like a bunch of different blogs. But, typically, you can like as few or as many as you want earning you more or less entries into the giveaway! This will be a CASH giveaway! That is right, CASH! I will give you more details when I get them on the 14th! This giveaway will start on the 16th. I am not sure how often I will be doing this sort of thing but I will definitely keep up with doing my personal giveaways with Avon products and even gift certificates!! That way all of you can still enter with less tasks.

I hope you are all enjoying  the enhancements that BOTH Avon and myself have been making lately.

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