Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HUGE 1,000 Fans AUCTION!

I have worked for 2 days now getting this auction together and it is finally up!! Go check out what there is to bid on by clicking HERE. Look through the pictures and if there is something you would like to get at that steal of a price just comment under it with the opening bid. When someone else has already said the opening bid or has bid under you, just come back with a new bid in the increments specified in the pictures. This auction will come to a close later this week. Please read the rules in the first picture and Agree to the terms and conditions in the second picture. If you do not agree, your bid will be invalid. If you have ANY questions feel free to comment here, write me on Facebook or e-mail me at britnycellerini@hotmail.com

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Click here to be taken to the auction album on Avon with Britny's Facebook page!

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