Sunday, March 25, 2012

1,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!!!

We have made it to 1,000 Facebook Fans! I am so grateful to each and every one of you for following me on Facebook! I am so grateful, in fact, that I am doing a HUGE giveaway to celebrate with you all!! There are lots of prizes and lots of chances to enter! To be exact there are 7 prizes, THAT'S RIGHT 7 PRIZES! There are 13 possible entries and a bonus worth 10 entries!!! Some of the entries are DAILY ENTRIES which means that you can complete them 1 time every day to earn even more entries!

Here is how it works. Below there is a Rafflecopter. You will use this to enter the giveaway. I have explained pretty well how to do each task in the Rafflecopter itself. What you will do is click on the 1 entry that will be available at first. (Like Avon with Britny) by clicking the green button that says "DO IT". It will tell you to like my page or show you that you have already like it. Once you have liked it, press the green button that says "Enter" That earns you one entry and will then open up the rest of the entries. Go down the list completing as many or as few of the tasks you would like by doing the same thing you did in the first entry. If you are asked to provide information, your name etc., please do that. This helps me to verify that you really have completed that entry. ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED. I have chosen winners before that did not actually complete the winning task and I had to have another winner chosen. If you like a page and then unlike them before the giveaway is over, I will see that and you will have forfeited that entry. If you unlike Avon with Britny (The 1 mandatory entry) all of your entries will be forfeited as well.

Now, for the fun part! Here are the pictures and definitions of all of the prizes for this giveaway!

Prize # 1:
This is a $5 Gift Certificate for Avon with Britny given as a code to be redeemed through me. If you are out of state, I will reimburse via Paypal.

Prize # 2: 
This is an Avon Sample Bundle. This includes 22 samples!

Prize # 3:
Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. This is a 'must have' among my customers. It works wonderfully while leaving your face moisturized!

Prize # 4:
Glazewear Sparkle Lipgloss in the shade/flavor Mocha Latte. YUM!

Prize #5: 
Bath Time Body Paints, Bubble Gum and Cherry! Kids Love these, not only do they get to paint on themselves but they are getting clean and smelling delicious in the process! My kids LOVE them!

Prize #6:
Outspoken Perfume Balm, Heart Necklace by Fergie. Not only is this a cute necklace but it comes with a fragrance balm right inside of it! Outspoken is a great perfume by Fergie who also designed the necklace!

 Prize # 7:
'Tis the Season Lip Balm. Okay, it is not the season anymore but these are still very yummy smelling flavors! Berry Blizzard & Cinnamon Winter

Now, who is excited???? Again, I want to thank you all for getting me to this 1,000 Fan Giveaway, you are the BEST!!

Have fun and Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would love to win the eye makeup remover. I think the amount of eyeliner and mascara I wear is reason enough as to why lol

    Awesome giveaway Brit!

  2. My favorite is the Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss because I love lipgloss.

  3. I want the eye makeup remover or necklace well I hope I get one ;)

  4. I love the fragarance balm necklace. It's different and neat.. LOVE IT

  5. I really need eye makeup remover because I have none. It is so hard to get mascara off.