Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Avon Order!

I usually get my Avon orders every other Sunday morning. Today I was out of town and returned this evening. When I got home my order was NOT at my front door. It is known to have orders stolen from people's front doors. I am hoping that my delivery guy is just running behind or moved my day. Avon says to let 24 hours after normal delivery time before calling. So, I am assuming that I will wake up to my Avon tomorrow morning and not have to report it stolen! I will let you know. If I still get my Avon, I will get the auction and Giveaway set up! Would you rather see the Giveaway or auction first? You can comment on this post as an anonymous or just using your e-mail if you do not have a G+. OR you could comment on this post on the facebook page. Any feedback ALWAYS helps! You all have helped to shape what this auction and giveaway will look like!


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