Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How the Auction will work

This will be my first facebook auction. I have seen many other people do it and am hoping to get a good turn out! Shares, likes and comments go a long way because people will see that and will come and check out what is happening there. So, please share as much as possible!

What I will do is make a new album called Auction! I will post a picture with the rules and terms. You will need to comment under that picture that you Agree. If you do not state that you agree, you will forfeit your item and your bid will be invalid. 

Next, I will post a picture of each individual item or set that will be up for auction. Under that picture I will write the selling price OR 'Buy Now' price, the shipping fee, starting bid and bid increments.You will then look through the items and bid on as many as you want starting with the bid I have shown.  Someone can then outbid you by the increment shown. Example: Starting bid = 1.00       bid increments are .50
Person 1- 1.00
Person 2- 1.50
person 3- 2.00
Person 1- 2.50

You can continue to up the bid for the duration of the auction with the final bidder collecting their prize.
You must have a valid Paypal account and payments received before I will send out your product. You have 48 hours After the auction closes to send payment through Paypal.

If you do not have a Paypal account, they are free to make and a secure way to give and receive money over the internet.

This auction may be the one and only auction. I do not know how many fans will participate in the auction. So, this is my "trial auction" I will still have fabulous items and a range of prices. If this is successful I may make the auction much bigger in the future.  

If you have ANY questions at all please feel free to ask!

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