Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today's Featured Item!

Today's featured item: SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner

I personally have never been a fan of liquid eyeliners. But, this one is so much easier to use that it is actually the eyeliner that I use! I love it! It's not hard to apply and it lasts all day and night! Recently, I was getting ready for bed and my husband says "Did you just put on makeup?" I said "No!" That was so silly that I had to see what he was talking about and my eyeshadow and eyeliner were on there perfectly, as if I'd just applied it. I will definitely be making some good use of my eye makeup remover! This is a new product that Avon has come out with in the SuperExtend line. Right now I have 2 in stock (black) and they are on sale on my online store as 2 for 7.99. They are regularly $7.00 each which is still less than that at a department store.

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