Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flash Auction!

Okay ladies, it is time we spice up this auctioning! Lets put a new spin on auctioning to make it extra fun!

Spin # 1- As you all know, I like to add an incentive to my auctions. On top of the fact that you will be purchasing these items at a ROCK BOTTOM price, I add a prize that one lucky winner will get. Typically, I would say that you have to be a FINAL bidder to qualify, and only 1 entry per person. So, here is the spin. ALL bidders will be entered to win the sample bundle (20 + Avon Samples). Do you want to make it even more fun?? 1 bid = 1 entry! So, EVERY time you bid you will be entered into the drawing.

Natural's Vanilla Shower Gel
Shipping: $2.50
Starting Bid: $2.50
Bid Increments:.25

Mary: $2.50
Tracy: $2.75
Sandy: $3
Mary: $3.25
Sandy: $3.50
Mary: $3.75
Mary = 3 entries
Tracy = 1 entry
Sandy = 2 entries       The more items and bids, the more entries.

Spin # 2- I will only have 3 items open at a time. That does NOT mean that you have to bid on all 3. You only bid on what you want to bid on and don't bid on what you don't want to bid on.

Spin # 3- This is a FLASH auction! This means that the items will be up for auction and gone in a FLASH! So, bid while you can. I will not let you know the timing on the bidding. I may keep the items up for 1 hour or I may keep them up for 24 hours. 

Spin # 3- I may add more spins as the auction is active. I will, of course, let you all know via Facebook but be ware of additional spins heading your way!

If this is a success, we can continue making the auctions exciting like this. I depend on you all to give me your feedback so that I can make future auctions fun and fair for you all!

Thanks and have fun, as I said, you have no idea when I will start!!

If you have ANY questions please ask now!!

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