Monday, April 23, 2012

Auction How-to

Welcome to this Auction How-to. This is where I will tell you everything about the Auctions that I hold.

My Avon auctions are always held on my Facebook page Avon with Britny.

I will have an auction album in my photo section. This is where I will have the first Picture with the rules. The second picture has the terms and conditions. You will need to read through them and then comment under the picture with the word "Agree". If you do not write the word Agree, your bids will no longer be valid. I will usually warn you and let you know that you need to agree. But, if you do not do it within a couple of hours I will delete your comment and the highest bid will fall to the next highest bidder.

I will post pictures of each item or set that will be sold separately. Under that picture I will post the Shipping, Starting bid, bid increments and sometimes Buy Now.

Shipping: This is the price it will likely cost me to ship your item. This will be included in your total cost if you are a final bidder. If you are local and I will be delivering your item, shipping will be waived. If you are a final bidder on multiple items I will likely lower your shipping costs depending on how much it will cost me to ship the items.

Starting Bid: This is the minimum bid amount. If you would like this item, the first bid must be at LEAST this much. Your bid will be invalid if you bid any lower than the starting bid.

Bid Increments: This is how much your bids must increase every time. You can increase your bid at a higher number if you would like but it must be at LEAST the amount as specified.

Buy Now: I do not always do this. Sometimes I will only put it on specific items. The Buy now is the Regular "retail" price. If this item is not for sale to Customers yet, on the rare occasion the Buy now price will be slightly higher than the regular price will be.  What you do is type the words BUY NOW in the comment if you wish to surpass the auctioning and would like to buy at regular price. The first person to write the words BUY NOW will get the item and will be paying the Buy Now price.

In this album there will be pictures of items. If you wish to purchase an item you comment under the picture with your bid. If you are the first bidder, be sure to start your bid at the starting bid price or higher if you wish. You will do this by commenting with that price. Next, someone may bid under you with their bid. That bid will have to be in the increments specified or higher. OR someone can comment with the words BUY NOW to automatically be the winning "bid"

Smoky Eyes Quad
Shipping: $1.00
Buy Now: $9
Starting Bid:$4
Bid Increments: .25

Jane Doe: $4
John Doe: $4.25
Carrie Underwood: $4.50

Once the auction is closed, Carrie Underwood would be the final bidder and would be purchasing the eye quad for $4.50. If she lived outside of Albany or the surrounding areas she would then be paying $5.50 in total through paypal. (Gone over in rules in first photo)

Please be sure to read all of the rules in picture 1 and agree to the terms and conditions in picture 2.

The point of these auctions is not only to have FUN but to give you these wonderful and already inexpensive Avon products at ROCK BOTTOM prices. It is very rare or non-existent for you to find these products at such low prices.

Thank you all for being fans and for participating in these events!

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